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December 03, 2005


Cliff Knighten

This is a nice start. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your research. I'm looking forward to reading further installments. There are three things that I think are important in developing a rule: (1) that the rule be flexible. That is, that it does not regulate minute details of community life and that even in the "important things" like the daily office that there be flexibility in the "how we do it." (2) That a community be given the freedom and grace to grow into a rule organically. I think this is important in light of the "fractured existence" that most of us lead. If we move to fast, we run the risk of disentegration or implosion. (3) That the rule be an invitation. I think it is valid that there be higher levels of commitment required as people move closer to the "center" of the community but even then, I believe following Jesus is always an invitation, not a command.


can't wait for more. .thanks for your considerable time input.

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