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February 19, 2006


paul soupiset

i wish i was there, mDiz. the whole in-grouping/out-grouping discussion affects soteriology of course as well, and it ties well into your next post. focusing on Christ, the "well at the center", rather than the moment of salvation, the "fence that divides" —

this from Kim Thoday:

"Some years ago a person who had never been to Australia before was taken on a trip through the Australian outback. He travelled across some of the huge pastoral leases. At one point he came into contact with a farmer.

"Excuse me," he said to the farmer, "I have seen thousands of sheep around here, but there are no fences to keep them in. In my country we have fences everywhere so that the sheep will not stray or get lost and die."

The farmer considered this for a moment and said: "Well ... out here we don't need fences. In this climate we only need to sink wells ... and then these here sheep ... they don't go too far."

All too often the Church has been about erecting fences ... sometimes deliberately, other times unconsciously. "

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