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March 17, 2006


Richard Diaz

It is amazing how every existent way of life has its interpretational gospel. This is no different. The gospel of Jesus Christ according to the affluent. You hit it on the nose in respect to how they twist His words. Not attack them directly. Just subtly add their own ingredients and always out of context. The infection of the prosperity gospel, combined with consumerism, has become the driving engine behind the modern churchs Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look it up. The comparison you find to the personality of the present day congregation will be spooky. What is even scarier, is the tendencies we may carry from an infected congregation in our departure to find what being closer to God really is. It is in our nature to move from one comfort plateau to another. Christ didn't talk about comfort, He talked about action. When we talk about the hungry, naked, widow, orphan, thirsty, we talk about the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, those with very few choices. Christ loved them. Since love is a verb, then we are called to action. Christ's Love, Christ's action and not very comfortable. You are appreciated. Thanks.


Now why do you have to go and write a thing like that? After 9 months of just getting by on part-time work, just when a full-time job comes on the horizon and I am dreaming of all of the wonderful new clothing and possibly even a fancy new duvet that I will buy with my windfall, you have to go and make me think that perhaps it's for this purpose that I've learned to live on such a very strict budget and that maybe I'm expected to stick with it and put the surplus to better use. Foiled again.

Jeremy Alder

[sarcasm]Oh, but Mike, you're forgetting that Jesus said we would always have the poor with us! Doesn't that mean we don't have to worry about "them" anymore?[sarcasm]

Good word, mi amigo. Thanks.

paul soupiset

great insights.
readers: if you're reading mike's thoughts and are aghast, it probably means you are satisfied with your own personal status quo.

peace out

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